Everyone has a favourite story about candy such as raiding Grandmas candy dish, enjoying a candy bar on special occasions, taking a candy from the office candy bowl and more. We wanted to provide that fun experience again and again with a convenient monthly delivered candy package designed especially for all of us who spend a lot of our time in an office or cube environment.

We believe everyone deserves a fun and rewarding break while at work, so we created CandyDishClub for “making everyday sweeter.” For some its nurturing their sweet-tooth, others its a pick-me-up pure-sugar energry rush and for most people its the thrill of sharing your candy stash with your co-workers. Research has shown a few candy treats a day only adds about 44 calories, less then 2% of reccomended daily calories.

Our mission is enabling you the opportunity to indulge and share your favorite candies at work, every month with CandyDishClub . We even include a free candy dish and scooper with your first package to make it easy to store and share your candy.

Our fulfillment partner has been dishing out candy for more than 20 years to retailers nationwide and now we have made it simple for you to have it delivered directly to your office desk. With over 75 candies now and new ones added monthly, CandyDIshClub allows you to select and change your favorite candies every month.